Sorting Stations

Waste sorting stations are intended for the fast and effective solution to the problem of original selection and sorting of the useful fractions containing in the lump of the municipal solid waste going to the landfills.

All main construction units (conveyors, presses, metal constructions) are made by EcoMechanics™ engineering part of EcoTechnologies group.

In the process of design and production of sorting stations we as high as possible take into account the Russian features: stream and structure of MSW, technological infrastructure of landfills, staff’s particular characteristics, financial capacity.

According to this waste sorting stations EcoMechanics™ have the following distinctive features:


  • Customer-made design, focus on providing the optimum result and considering features of the land area and infrastructure, structure of MSW, the customer's wishes about the list of the useful (sorted) fractions and productivity
  • Durability of construction units and mechanisms combined with fair value
  • Simplicity of operation and repairability
  • Capability of processing stream of MSW is from 20.000 to 300.000 tons annually
  • Most importantly – the price allowing (at competent exploitation) to recover value within a period not exceeding three years.

The waste sorting stations EcoMechanics™ can be acquired on lease. We also offer creation of joint ventures for exploitation our waste sorting stations on landfills. To discuss this type of cooperation please contact our managers. 

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