Post-consumer PET (PET flakes)

EcoTechnologies produces PET flakes of several kinds, including:

  • four main color classes: transparent, brown, blue, green (it is possible to make mix in case of agreement with consumer);
  • three fractions: to 4 mm, 4-20 mm, more 20 mm.

Коричневые хлопья

Готовое вторичное сырьё

Прозрачные хлопья

Готовое вторичное сырьё

Зелёные хлопья

Готовое вторичное сырьё

Therefore we can offer PET flakes for any enterprises, that use them in further recycling for production of various kinds of products: polyester fibre, packaging tape, lists, packing etc.

High quality of PET flakes, is to a tee in accordance with consumer individual specification and this is the key moment of AO EcoTechnologies production strategy.
In particular we provide scrutinous sorting PET bottles by colors, full removal of foreign matter, which includes PVC, polypropylene and polyethylene and separation PET flakes by different size.

Concerning buying PET flakes please contact Commercial Department.

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