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Ecologic analysis of packaging: the Yandex.Lavka case

Whether you are in charge of a large retail chain or a delivery service, launching a new banking product or working in a café, if you want to make your packaging more eco-friendly, we’ve got you covered.

In partnership with Yandex.Lavka we analyzed various types of packaging: bags, plastic cutlery, cups, food containers and many others, comparing the products from the viewpoint of production sustainiability, recyclability, accessibility of infrastructure for collection, and the damage to the environment in case of wrong utilization, - all that in order to offer the best eco-friendly alternatives.

How do we perform the analysis?

When assessing the recyclability of packaging, we rely upon our thorough knowledge of Russian reality in waste collection and recycling. We know the sphere inside out, having been recycling plastics for 15 years and thus having enormous experience of work with regional operators and recyclers all over the country.

For instance, as of today, goods made from PLA or bagasse are not tangible eco-alternatives in Russia due to lack of the infrastructure required for industrial composting.

As we assess the impact production has on the environment, we base the analysis on international scientific researches, selecting those closest to Russian conditions. For example, many countries started producing paper bags with integration of secondary materials; however, Russia is yet to become one of them. Therefore, we are careful when it comes to studying international research in order to be objective in our assessment.

A wide range of data from open sources and thorough understanding of specificities of landfills’, sorting stations’ and recycling plants’ operations allow us to give objective appraisal of different packaging types and effectively compare them, even though there is still no unified method of product life cycle assessment in Russia.

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