Our mission

This giant dragon is entirely made of secondary waste – PET-bottles, beer cans, PE film, etc. It symbolizes growing influence of waste on our planet…

EcoTechnologies prove by its example the attractiveness and appropriateness of recycling business in Russia establishing a target to use effectively household and industrial waste and to change ecologic situation in the country.

Our products made of secondary polymers will reduce spoil disposal and meet demands of our customers allowing them to produce good quality consumer goods at lower costs.

The unique technologies designed by EcoMechanics™ are implemented in form of high quality conveyors, sorting units and complete lines helping to facilitate and speed up collection, sorting and recycling of solid waste, improving the effectiveness of recycling business for its owners.

EcoTechnologies implement their mission through:


Taking care of our team and creating conditions needed to develop skills each of its members, civilized ways of business and clear vision of our future are the keys to successful execution of those tasks.

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